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Oil-Field Services: Equipment Cleaning


Clean equipment lasts longer.

Extend equipment life-cycles, lower maintenance costs.

Plain and simple: clean equipment has a longer life-cycle. Whiting Systems implements on-site large vehicle cleaning solutions throughout North America for drilling, mining, fracking, trucking, & rail companies. We specialize in cleaning and washing oil-field services trucks and equipment so that it lasts longer. Contact us today and learn about how our cost-effective solutions will extend the life-cycle of your equipment and lower your maintenance costs.
Whiting Systems has some great solutions to squeeze every last mile out of your fleet and give you the competitive advantage you want.

SmartWash® Oil Field Specialty Detergents

These CLEANING FORMULAS designed for the special needs of the Oil Field Service Industry are available:

YELLOW JACKET – “honey oil” remover and heavy duty degreaser
ANGRY ORANGE – our proven Frac truck degreaser
RAIL BRITE – our aggressive concrete remover
TORNADO – our all purpose truck wash soap.

Call today for a free evaluation of your particular cleaning needs. We will send a technician to test your water, the surface being cleaning, your wash equipment and to demo detergents.

SmartWash® Oil Field DeMudders

No place on earth needs De-Mudders, De-Icers and Undercarriage Washers more than the oil field pad.

We generally use reclaimed water from the settling pit along with a fresh water fill, if necessary. Excess build up of sand, ice, snow and mud solids on undercarriage and wheels is removed automatically rather than manually.

SmartWash® Mobile Pressure Washers

Our SmartWash Trailer Mounted Mobile Wash system is versatile, cost effective and will allow you the freedom to wash vehicles, parts and equipment on site or in the field.

The 525 gallon water storage tank, 15 gallon chemical tank, Manual hose reel with 100 foot high pressure hose with trigger gun, wand and nozzle are all mounted on a 5′x12′ steel floor tandem axle trailer. The pressure wash system will produce 3 to 8 gpm @ 2000 to 5000 psi. The above equipment comes standard on our SmartWash Mobile units, but feel free to consult our trained staff to customize a trailer mounted mobile washing system for you to accommodate your specific washing needs.

SmartWash® Hand-held Pressure Washers

The MultiWash multi-gun pressure washer is simple to operate. Just pull the trigger and go to work.

It is simple to maintain and comes with SmartLink Intelligent Control which provides constant pressure at the desired gpm at each wand. It does not require the motor to run at maximum speed 100% of the time, thus reducing energy costs and down time as well as increasing pump and motor life. 600,000 btu Natural Gas or LP Heat Exchanger is available for Models 1215 and 1220. 750,000 btu Exchanger available for Models 2015 and 2020.


SmartWash® Automatic Vehicle Wash Systems

Our SmartWash Storm Automatic Touchless Vehicle wash system is specifically designed for the irregular shaped vehicles that make up the fleets of the Oil Service Companies.

With thirteen high pressure, motor driven spinners and optional blaster bars and wheel wash, the wash time and wash quality for irregular shaped vehicles is the ideal system for the Oil Service Company industry.

Our PLC driven system includes Gantry Tracks, Platform mounted pumps and motors, 2 step chemical spray boom, High pressure pump, Wash water pump, Chemical metering pump and zero degree Air Venturi Nozzles, as well as Pivoting Side Spinner Assembly, Stainless Steel Frame and Spray Bars and Automatic or Manual start selection with traffic light, all high pressure hoses and festoon system.

You may choose our Standard Four Pass wash program with high pressure rinse with spinners (reclaim only) and fresh water final rinse or Economy Two Pass option.

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